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Mr. Mika Rautiainen
e-mail: mika.rautiainen(at)
phone: +358-(0)400-632 212

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Dr.Sc. Annimari Lehtomäki
Director, Business Development
e-mail: annimari.lehtomaki(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-761 9166

Helena Miettinen

Ms. Helena Miettinen

Office Manager
e-mail: helena.miettinen(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-573 1200

BioGTS - Heidi Helander

Ms. Heidi Helander
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
e-mail: heidi.helander(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-452 5084

Mr. Matti Henriksson
Sales Manager
e-mail: matti.henriksson(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-464 6675

Wei Wang

Ms. Wei Wang
Key Account Manager
phone:+358-(0)50-439 7931

BioGTS - Huihan Yang

Ms. Huihan Yang
Asian Market Coordinator
e-mail: huihan.yang(at)
phone:+358-(0)50-308 2088

BioGTS - Eero Tilsala

Mr. Eero Tilsala
Biogas Plant Concepts, Finland
e-mail: eero.tilsala(at)
phone:+358-(0)40-514 7047

BioGTS Dmytro Naumenko

Mr. Dmytro Naumenko
Contact person, CIS countries
e-mail: dmytro.naumenko(at)
phone: +358-(0)45-208 2508, +380-(0)63-868 4476

BioGTS - Mr. Fabian Sivonen

Mr. Fabian Sivonen
Contact person, Hispanic countries
e-mail: fabian.sivonen(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-188 3775

Mr. Bishwa Nath Ghimire
Contact person, Nepal and India
e-mail: bishwa.ghimire(at)
phone: +977 980 861 7736


Office and manufacturing in Finland:
BioGTS Ltd., Sepelitie 15, FI-40320 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland

Testing facilities:
Kennääntie 1, FI-41310 LEPPÄVESI, Finland

EDI code: (TE) 003 724 466 155
Operator: Tieto Corporation
Operator ID: 003701011385

Paper invoices: BioGTS Oy, PL 140, 02066 DOCUSCAN