BioGTS – Building together a greener future

BioGTS provides a scalable biorefinery solution that is based on patented biogas and biodiesel technologies and is designed for the treatment of organic biodegradable waste from municipalities, industries and agriculture. BioGTS has developed groundbreaking technologies that enable treating materials that are difficult to treat in traditional biogas processes. BioGTS® biodiesel and biogas plants are cost-efficient investments for converting the waste into renewable energy, vehicle biofuels, fertilizers and chemicals. With the help of these technologies we can work together for building a healthy, clean living environment for ourselves and for future generations.


BioGTS - Heidi Helander

Ms. Heidi Helander
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
e-mail: heidi.helander(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-452 5084

Mr. Matti Henriksson
Sales Manager
e-mail: matti.henriksson(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-464 6675

Wei Wang

Ms. Wei Wang
Key Account Manager
phone:+358-(0)50-439 7931

BioGTS - Huihan Yang

Ms. Huihan Yang
Asian Market Coordinator
e-mail: huihan.yang(at)
phone:+358-(0)50-308 2088


Mr. Jani Kangasaho
Sales Director, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, The Baltic Countries
e-mail: jani.kangasaho(at)
phone:+358-(0)50-468 7907

BioGTS - Joona Luomala

Mr. Joona Luomala
Biogas Plant Concepts, Finland
e-mail: joona.luomala(at)
phone:+358-(0)45-606 2723

BioGTS - Mr. Fabian Sivonen

Mr. Fabian Sivonen
Contact person, Hispanic countries
e-mail: fabian.sivonen(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-188 3775

Mr. Lassi Pensikkala
Contact person, Ecuador
e-mail: lassi.pensikkala(at)

BioGTS Dmytro Naumenko

Mr. Dmytro Naumenko
Contact person, CIS countries
e-mail: dmytro.naumenko(at)
phone: +358-(0)45-208 2508, +380-(0)63-868 4476

Ms. Kim Anh Nguyen
Contact person, Vietnam
e-mail: kim.anh.nguyen(at)
phone: +358-(0)44-305 4717


Mr. Bishwa Nath Ghimire
Contact person, Nepal and India
e-mail: bishwa.ghimire(at)
phone: +977 980 861 7736

BioGTS - Eero Tilsala

Mr. Eero Tilsala
Sales Director, Finland
e-mail: eero.tilsala(at)
phone:+358-(0)40-514 7047

Mr. Tero Kemppi
Sales Engineer & Customer Responsible
e-mail: tero.kemppi(at)
phone: +358-(0)50 327 9233

Profile picture

Mr. Mika Rautiainen
e-mail: mika.rautiainen(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-063-2212

Profile Picture

Dr.Sc. Annimari Lehtomäki
Director, Business Development
e-mail: annimari.lehtomaki(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-761 9166

Ms. Marianne Koivusalo
Financial Manager
e-mail: marianne.koivusalo(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-433 6559

Helena Miettinen

Ms. Helena Miettinen
Office Manager
e-mail: helena.miettinen(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-573 1200


BioGTS - Risto Retkin

Mr. Risto Retkin
Expert, Biogas Processess
e-mail: risto.retkin(at)
phone:+358-(0)50-320 4211


Dr.Sc. Suvi Bayr
Expert, Biogas Processes
e-mail: suvi.bayr(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-464 2190

BioGTS - Arvo Viertola

Mr. Arvo Viertola
Project Manager
e-mail: arvo.viertola(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-576 4067

BioGTS - Anna Sydanmaa

Mrs. Anna Sydänmaa
Project Engineer
e-mail: anna.sydanmaa(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-700 0234

Mr. Oskari Jylhä
Project Engineer
e-mail: oskari.jylhä(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-435 2744

BioGTS - Heikki Turpeinen

Mr. Heikki Turpeinen
Production Manager, subcontractor network
e-mail: heikki.turpeinen(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-767 8804

BioGTS - Paavo Parkkonen

Mr. Paavo Parkkonen
Production Engineer
e-mail: paavo.parkkonen(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-309 0433

BioGTS Marko Rautiainen

Mr. Marko Rautiainen
Installation Manager
e-mail: marko.rautiainen(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-582 2058

BioGTS - Olli-Pekka Furuholm

Mr. Olli-Pekka Furuholm
Site Manager, Mustankorkea Ltd.’s biogas plant project
e-mail: olli-pekka.furuholm(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-565 9566

Mr. Henri Salo
Production Foreman
e-mail: henri.salo(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-322 6353

Mr. Kimi Ylipelto
Production Foreman
e-mail: kimi.ylipelto(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-355 3045

Mr. Pasi Raivio
Project Foreman
e-mail: pasi.raivio(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-838 9762

Mr. Toni Hiltunen
Engineering Design Manager
e-mail: toni.hiltunen(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-325 2624

Katri Valkonen

Ms. Katri Valkonen
Construction Architect, Designer
e-mail: katri.valkonen(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-464 2246

BioGTS - Tatu Virtanen

Mr. Tatu Virtanen
Design Engineer
e-mail: tatu.virtanen(at)
phone: +358-(0)40-570 9942

Mr. Mika Savolainen
Mechanical Design Engineer
phone: +358(0)40-557 0820

Ms. Nina Sallinen
phone: +358(0)50-328 1977

Mr. Sami Norrbacka
e-mail: sami.norrbacka(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-464 2771

Mr. Jussi Isokangas
e-mail: jussi.isokangas(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-355 3835

BioGTS Aapo Nieminen

Mr. Aapo Nieminen
Electrical and Automation Specialist
e-mail: aapo.nieminen(at)
phone: +358-(0)45-850 2122

BioGTS - Jukka Hirvelä

Mr. Jukka Hirvelä
Process Automation Specialist
e-mail: jukka.hirvela(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-465 5890

Mr. Janne Svan
Installation Manager
e-mail: janne.svan(at)
phone: +358-(0)50-301 5330

BioGTS - Timo Kekki

Mr. Timo Kekki

BioGTS - Vesa Huotari

Mr. Vesa Huotari
e-mail: vesa.huotari(at)
phone: +358-(0)45-265 1673

Mr. Jarmo Paananen
e-mail: jarmo.paananen(at)

Mr. Vesa Kivelä
Maintenance Man
e-mail: vesa.kivela(at)

Mr. Sami Kieränen
e-mail: sami.kieranen(at)

Mr. Tomi Kiviniemi
e-mail: tomi.kiviniemi(at)

Mr. Mika Leppänen
Electrical and automation installation
e-mail: mika.leppanen(at)

Mr. Teijo Jalo
Maintenance Man
e-mail: teijo.jalo(at)

Mr. Marko Niskala
EIA Control
e-mail: marko.niskala(at)
phone:+358 41 548 7879

Mr. Jani Härkönen
Procurement Engineer
e-mail: jani.härkonen(at)
phone:+358 50 441 1012

Mr. Kuisma Savonen
Procurement Engineer
e-mail: kuisma.savonen(at)
phone:+358 50 351 14720

Mr. Niko Etsola
e-mail: niko.etsola(at)
phone:+358-(0)40-507 9541

Ms. Svetlana Smagina
Marketing and Communications Intern
phone: +358(0)50-347 1677

Ms. Kati Leppälä
phone: +358(0)50-313 6516

Mr. Iikka Kurtti
Summer worker

Mr. Matti Hiltunen
phone: +358(0)46-922-9448


In addition, we rely on a wide network of other specialists whenever required by our customer projects. Our mission is to always look for and utilize the best professionals in the field to fulfill the needs of our customers.