Value from organic waste

Biogas technology offers a means for efficient conversion of organic wastes into energy, valuable biofuels and high quality fertilizers. Biogas can be used for energy production in similar way as natural gas: for heat, electricity, vehicle fuel and kitchen gas. Biogas is a very clean fuel with zero greenhouse gas emissions and up to 99 % lower particle emissions than conventional vehicle fuels. Biogas production is a closed process with very low emissions to environment, and thus, an efficient means of cutting down the emissions from waste treatment.

BioGTS offers an innovative solution for biogas production with a highly cost-efficient modular design, high capacity and an efficient process with high energy output. The BioGTS technology is easily scalable and can be used to treat materials that are difficult to handle in traditional biogas processes.

Biogas production takes place through a biological process called anaerobic digestion. Potential substrates/raw materials for biogas production include organic biowastes from food industries, restaurants and households, green waste from gardens and parks, sewage sludge and toilet wastes, agricultural wastes including animal manures and farming wastes from crop production, as well as purposely grown energy crops.


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Biogas production

BioGTS biogas production graph

BioGTS innovation for biogas production

  • Cost-efficient modular design
  • High capacity
  • Efficient process with high energy output
  • Scalable
  • Can be used to treat materials that are otherwise difficult to handle

How can biogas generate income for you?

The investment in biogas technology can generate income for you in various ways:

  • Energy self-sufficiency
  • Selling the gas and/or energy
    • Heating
    • Electricity
    • Vehicle fuel
    • Kitchen gas
  • Selling the process residue for fertilizer
    • Environmentally friendly, efficient, safe and odourless fertilizer
  • Waste treatment at the biogas plant
    • Gate fees for waste treatment

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