Biogas Upgrading

BioGTS® biogas upgrading unit

The BioGTS® biogas upgrading unit refines raw biogas to be suitable for transportation use or to be injected in natural gas grid. New-generation biogas upgrading unit is suitable for upgrading both biogas as well as landfill gas. The upgrading equipment is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. The equipment is designed and manufactured in Finland by the Finnish top biogas experts.

Reasons to choose BioGTS® Biogas upgrading unit

  • Modular structures, easy to scale-up by increasing the number of parallel units
  • Suitable also for small scale biogas plants (processing capacity 100-1,500 Nm³/h raw gas)
  • The end product has high quality and high methane content
  • Possible to use continuously, but when the gas storages are full, turning off the hardware temporarily is enabled
  • Compact size of the plant
Compact sized BioGTS® Biogas upgrading unit contains biomethane refueling unit for vehicles.

Compact sized BioGTS® Biogas upgrading unit contains biomethane refueling unit for vehicles.


Modular structure allows unlimited upscalability of capacity.

Modular structure allows unlimited upscalability of capacity.

Examples of scalability

Biogas processing unit is also suitable for smaller-scale plants. At its smallest, the processing capacity is 20 Nm³/h of raw gas.

20 Nm³/h

  • For producing biomethane for own use
  • For example in starting phase of production
  • In connection with Bioboksi

100 Nm³/h

  • Bigger commercial size
  • When expanding the production
  • For small-scale biomethane sales

200 Nm³/h

  • For medium-sized biogas plant’s upgrading needs
  • For larger scale biomethane production and sales

Optional modules of biogas upgrading unit

  • Landfill gas pretreatment system
  • Biomethane pressurization for transportation use
  • Biomethane refueling unit


Equipment is based on so-called PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption). This is based on the pressure variation adsorption, wherein the adsorbent material binds the carbon dioxide, and nitrogen (if needed), from raw biogas. Other impurities (esim. hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes) are removed from raw gas (when necessary) during pre-treatment step.


Economically profitable solution

  • PSA has the lowest energy demand comparing to other upgrading principals
  • Low energy consumption
  • Zero water consumption
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple process control, remote monitoring
  • Automatic start-up/turn down

Patented, compact and versatile

  • BioGTS biogas upgrading units use patented technology
  • Modular structure enables unlimited upscalability
  • Suitable also for upgrading landfill gas.

Low maintenance

Upgrading unit is designed to be easy to use. The unit is unmanned, remote-controllable, and its activities are monitored by BioGTS remote host. BioGTS®  biogas upgrading unit is fully automated and it requires minimal amount of maintenance work.

Application of the biomethane

Upgraded biomethane can be used in various ways:

  • Vehicle fued
  • Injected to the regional or national gas grids
  • Industrial gas
  • Kitchen gas

Examples of BioGTS® biogas upgrading references


Haminan Energia Ltd.’s biogas plant in Virolahti, Finland.



Natural Resources Institute Finland’s biogas plant in Sotkamo, Finland.



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