Value from waste oil

Sustainable biodiesel can be best produced from recycled bio-based cooking oils and greases from food industry, restaurants and households, and used as fuel in normal diesel vehicles and for heating and/or cooling. It is a very clean renewable fuel with zero greenhouse gas emissions and 80-90 % lower particle emissions than conventional diesel.

BioGTS Biodiesel is an innovative, new technology for biodiesel production with zero consumption of water. This is a significant advantage especially in areas with water scarcity, since conventional techniques consume 3-4 m3 clean water / m3 biodiesel produced. Furthermore, the BioGTS Biodiesel process design is very cost-efficient and easy to use. It is scalable to 2,000-50,000 L biodiesel / day, and has a high production capacity with a short payback period of 2-3 years.

How can biodiesel generate income for you?

The investment in biodiesel technology can generate income for you in various ways:

  • Energy self-sufficiency in vehicle fuel and heating
  • Selling the biodiesel fuel for a wide customer base
  • Low production costs and raw materials with low cost or free-of-charge: Used bio-based cooking oils and greases from food industry, restaurants, households

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