Bioboksi™ – T-Ford of biogas plants

Bioboksi is a compact sized and standardized biogas plant solution, that is based on the latest biogas technologies for producing and upgrading biomethane for transportation use. The by-product of the process, high-quality organic fertilizer, can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to the chemical fertilizers. Bioboksi is patented, award-winning concept using ground-breaking technology.


  • The treatment capacity for one module is about 600-1000 t/y of biomass feedstock. The treatment capacity of the plant can be increased cost-effectively by adding the number of parallel modular units.
  • Wide raw material base: biodegradable waste and biomasses from municipalities, industries and agriculture. Also possible to treat materials that are difficult to treat in traditional biogas processes.
  • Factory-made biogas plant is quick to install and start-up on-site. BIOBOKSI biogas plant is scalable and movable.
  • For decentralized production and distribution of biomethane in areas outside the natural gas grid.
  • BIOBOKSI consists of container structured biogas reactors, biogas processing unit and biomethane refueling unit.
  • BIOBOKSI is continuously operated, fully automated and remote monitored. All service operations can be conducted from outside the reactor.

Compact and modular biogas plant



The ground plan of Bioboksi™ with one biogas reactor unit (example)


Local fuel

BIOBOKSI will revolutionize the concept of local fuel. In BIOBOKSI, biofuel for transportation use is produced at the same location where it is sold to the consumers. The raw material is procured from nearby area, in which case biodegradable waste from municipalities, industries and agricultural biomasses can be utilized locally.

– Mika Rautiainen, CEO, BioGTS Ltd.


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